Humming Homes

Improving Customer Acquisition and UX for a DTC Management Startup

Real Estate
New York, NY
2 months

Project Overview:

Humming Homes, a fast-growing Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) home management startup, approached Vinta with a pressing challenge. They needed to optimize customer acquisition tracking and improve user experience on their website's lead form. They also aimed to enhance its backend processes to streamline data capture and improve user engagement.

“Vinta was proactive in their outreach, slacking me ahead of time to ensure he stayed unblocked.”
Jack Weinberger
Chief of Staff, H. Homes

Client Vision and Key Challenges:

The client's vision was clear: they aimed to establish a seamless and efficient process for capturing user data, automating data transfer to HubSpot and Django, and implementing Google Maps autofill functionality. These goals were critical for boosting customer engagement, optimizing marketing efforts, and providing a more user-friendly experience for their audience.

Summing up, Humming Homes engaged Vinta to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Set up UTM tracking on the website to accurately monitor customer acquisition sources.
  2. Automate data transfer collected through the website's lead form to HubSpot and Django, reducing manual intervention and potential errors.
  3. Implement Google Maps autofill to simplify the address entry process on the lead form, enhancing user experience.

Project Achievements:

We reached some outstanding achievements through collaboration with Humming Homes. Firstly, we successfully implemented UTM tracking, providing invaluable insights into the origins of customer acquisition. This enhancement allowed for data-driven marketing strategies and informed decision-making. 

Moreover, our dedicated efforts led to the establishment of automated data transfer mechanisms. This strategic implementation significantly minimized manual workload while guaranteeing the accuracy and consistency of data across both HubSpot and Django platforms. This automation increased operational efficiency and reduced the likelihood of errors arising from manual data entry.

Integrating Google Maps autofill further elevated user experience by seamlessly incorporating this feature into the lead form. We enabled users to effortlessly provide their addresses, resulting in a smoother and more user-friendly form completion process. This enhancement not only saved time for users but also contributed to an increase in overall form submission rates.


Jack Weinberger, Chief of Staff, voiced his contentment with Vinta Software's performance. He particularly valued the team's proactive communication, expertise, and unwavering dedication.

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