Code Union

High-level Frontend Team

New York, NY
2 months
2 months
5 stars

The challenge

They develop web frontend products for a lot of big companies, such as Goldman Sachs and Cisco, and some startups, like Stratumn and bentobox. They work with some other companies abroad when in need to outsource some products and services. Such companies must adhere to their high standards of front end developing. In one such case, they contacted Vinta for the frontend of a MVP.

Scaling their team

Our partnership happened as follows: We were given an API to consume and built the whole frontend of the system. We chose the technologies based on the idea that the UI needed to behave consistently and reliably. We delivered a working MVP backed up by automated tests to ensure reliability. We relied on modern tools like React and Redux, which allowed great testability and easy maintenance. Both of them are widely used and modern tools.

We had weekly sprints with alignment meetings. At the meetings, the work of the sprint was delivered, and any input was collected and addressed. As the channel was always open, everyone felt free to give feedback and, after discussion, valid feedback was incorporated in the product. Both CodeUnion and their client were very satisfied with the results.

Here at Vinta, we believe that producing software is a learning process, and everything we deliver has the opportunity to make us learn a better way of doing things. Working with CodeUnion was a fantastic experience at that. After this project, we started using Webpack on all of our projects, included it in our boilerplate, and made Redux a company-wide standard as well.

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