Interactive Dashboards For Better Data Visualization

São Paulo, BR
1 year

About is a company that empowers large brands with insights derived from massive amounts of collected data. From measuring the impact of marketing campaigns to crisis management,'s services help companies leverage data in multiple ways.

As a Brazilian company operating in Brazil, Latin America, Portugal, and Spain, provides an inclusive approach to social media data analysis, offering software and services like social media monitoring. They also outsource people for customer relationship management software, catering to their customer's needs in the Spanish and Portuguese languages.'s impressive clientele includes giants like Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Nestle.

Understanding the unique needs of each client is crucial in providing effective solutions, and our client was no exception. As a company that deals with data on a large scale,'s clients relied on them for insights tailored to their specific needs. This led to increasing demands for highly customized and specific dashboards that could integrate with their internal processes and tools. For that purpose, they reached out to Vinta.

“The team’s proactive scheduling and regular communication contributed to a strong short-term engagement.”
Jairson Vitorino
CTO at E.Life

The Challenge: Developing Customizable Dashboards

Customization is key to meeting the unique needs of each client, and many customers now demand customized dashboards for their data visualization requirements. had an internally developed solution, but they realized that their clients needed data visualization that was highly customized for them. That's why they hired Vinta Software, and we developed two customized dashboards for a major meat-exporting company in Brazil and a mall chain, also in Brazil. We used Ruby and AngularJS and connected the dashboard to's database through APIs.

Developing customized dashboards that meet the specific needs of clients can be a challenging task, but at Vinta Software, it's a challenge that we excel at. For our client, we faced some back-end challenges related to designing ElasticSearch queries for the data. However, the primary challenges came in the form of using AngularJS together with the graph library D3.js to create rich and interactive interfaces. These challenges were overcome with our team's expertise and collaborative efforts with and their clients.

Our development process was driven by user feedback and inquiries that required validation before being implemented. This ensured that our solutions met the specific needs of's clients and provided them with quick and straightforward access to real-time data. As a result, social media managers for large brands could easily and efficiently access the data they needed to optimize their marketing campaigns and brand management strategies.

Our team at Vinta has a passion for innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology. Collaboration, client communication, and top-notch development skills are what drive us, and that's why we're the preferred partner for clients like looking to deliver exceptional solutions for their customers.

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