Wanted You to Know

Enabling Farewell Messages Through an Innovative MVP

New York, NY
7 months
7 months
5 stars
partner rating

Project Overview:

Wanted You to Know, a startup based in New York embarked on a transformative journey with Vinta to develop a pioneering web-based platform. This platform aimed to provide individuals with a means to leave behind poignant last messages for their loved ones in the unfortunate event of their unexpected demise.

The Key Challenge:

Like many startups, Wanted You to Know grappled with the classic startup paradox: limited financial resources juxtaposed with the burning desire to swiftly launch a robust Minimum Viable Product (MVP) without compromising code quality.

One of the initial crucial steps in shaping the MVP was conducting a thorough analysis to discern which features held tremendous significance for users and which could yield rapid value. Leveraging our experience constructing previous MVPs, we collaborated closely with the client's deep industry insights to meticulously refine the project roadmap.

The core MVP's functionality was a robust text editor, providing users a seamless platform to compose their heartfelt postmortem messages. The emphasis here was on delivering a superior user experience. Our team ensured that users could easily customize their messages, facilitating autosaving of both text and uploaded images - a feature that significantly enriched user interaction.

The greatest challenge we faced was navigating the intricate landscape of identifying user passings and dispatching pre-composed messages, which entailed integrating with an American Government API. This API posed difficulties due to its inadequate documentation and the absence of a sandbox mode for testing. Overcoming these hurdles, we meticulously crafted a robust system around the API integration, harnessing cutting-edge tools such as the latest version of Django, Bootstrap 4, Webpack, and more.

Learnings and Open source

This project significantly broadened our technical expertise and played a pivotal role in establishing the groundwork for a reusable boilerplate we successfully developed and introduced in the subsequent months. This boilerplate has continued to evolve, undergoing refinement and adaptation to align with the dynamic shifts within the ever-changing tech market landscape.

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