Building an MVP for Automated Influencer Campaigns

São Paulo, Brazil
6 months
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The challenge

Inflr’s founder, Tiago Brandão, had experience connecting influencers and companies for organizational campaigns. He previously was one of the partners of a marketing firm. When Tiago came to us, he wanted to create a marketplace to automate that process and he gave us the mission to build an MVP of his project.

Developing Customizable Dashboards

As it is for most projects of this kind, we used our Startup background to build a process in which our full-stack developers had an open channel to define and change priorities with the client as the project moved.

Collecting data from many social networks was a challenge we enjoyed working at. Each service has a unique way that integrations should be built. To overcome this, we designed a layer between the system and the APIs. It allowed us to move faster and simplify the programming logic. The next step was to generate intelligence from the collected data. This intelligence made it possible to create and price text, video, and photo campaigns. Another key role we played was to help the client prioritizing features and the priority order in which we would do the social network on integrations. To do this, we balanced documentation, the number of users that could be impacted, possible blockers, and the client’s expectations. All of this contributed to the project, deemed as a success both by Tiago and us.

On the project management side, weekly video call meetings were held where we exposed the progress and issues, as well as planning of the following steps, took place. We used Slack for day-to-day communication, and a shared Trello board to keep everyone synced. The technologies used in this project were: Python, Django, Bootstrap 4, and React. We always choose tools with active communities behind, because This facilitates development, maintenance, and security of projects.

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