The challenge provides tools and services to deliver insights for large brands from massive amounts of collected data. This data can companies in multiple ways, from measuring impact of marketing campaigns to brand crisis management. They had an internal team focusing on new ways to collect more data across the web. As that was a challenging task, they looked to outsource the development of the custom dashboards so clients could edit their visualization to their needs.

“This quick project was very smooth and unproblematic.” CTO

Our Process

Developing Customizable Dashboards

Different clients have different needs, and E.Life ones were no exception. When you provide data to a company, the way they use it varies a lot, mostly due to internal processes and specific tools they might use. Because of that, E.Life had increasing demands from clients for them to have very specific ways to customize their dashboards.

For that purpose, They reached out to Vinta to built interactive dashboards for data visualization. This task had some back-end challenges, mostly related to the design of ElasticSearch queries for the data. But, the main challenges required us to use AngularJS along with the graph library D3.js to build rich interactive interfaces. The types of changes needed to be made came from user feedback and also from inquires that Vinta realized would need validation before being implemented. By the end of the project, we were able to deliver a quick and straightforward access to real-time data for social media managers of large brands.

Marketing Tech
Based on
São Paulo, SP
Latin America
Product cycle
1 year
Technologies & Integrations
Sass, Bootstrap, Angular

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