Collaborative Scaling for Platform Development

New York, NY
6 months
6 months
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The challenge

They received an investment of R$1.2 million and got featured on Techcrunch. With that money, they got a lot of new restaurants on their platform. That rapid growth in clients generated design and development demands that were only partially handled. With developers having problems keeping up, they started looking for outsourced to solve clients' excess in the short term.

Scaling their team

The first step of the project was to integrate with their team, so we could discover what development practices we could bring and what would better be dropped. The main improvements came due to their openness for developer feedback, especially among the designers. That was great as it allowed us to give our touch to make the site better to implement or faster at loading.

Right after, we progressed to assess how their API was. They had an API for generating the sites of the platform, and we were the first users outside of the company to interact with it. Hence, we could provide a lot of feedback, ranging from the way that the API could work more efficiently to the documentation of the API.

We communicated during the whole project using a Slack channel and a project on Asana for task management. Another great experience of this project was to pair with their development team in NY for about two weeks for the last sprints. This kind of in loco work is not so common for us but is definitely more effective. The main reason being we get to share more knowledge and learn new things from the client in the process.

The experience was so good that we wrote a blogpost to share what we learned after it. It contains a collection of tips on front-end optimizations.

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