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8 months
8 months
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The challenge

Axilent's product, ACE, had several clients who were interested in multiple integrations with their e-commerces. Some were standard for the product, others were new proof-of-concepts. The founders didn't have good experiences hiring locally, so they went offshore to find someone to implement these integrations.

Integrations and Proof-of-concept

Vinta was a partner of Axilent from early 2015 to the end of the year. We assisted with several web projects in Django, varying from integrations, platforms built from the ground up, and even a visual recognition component for the specific need of a client.

Mainly we integrated ACE, Axilent's main product, into clients' products and external APIs. Most notably, we had Avalara, for tax calculations, and Riskfied for risk analysis. Our open-source Tapioca project was convenient here, allowing us to build integrations and interact with these APIs in close to no time.

We also developed an e-commerce from the ground-up with Django-Oscar platform. That's where we used OpenCV for image processing, as well as Docker for fast and reliable deployment and development, and React, to provide great browsing experience to end-users.

Communication between our team and Axilent ran smoothly on a daily basis with the help of Slack and occasional online meetings for high-level planning and follow-ups.

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