The challenge

As most startups, they had seemingly conflicting interests: limited budget while at the same time the wish to see their MVP running, quality and robustness of the code secured.

“When it came to availability, price, and skill, they [Vinta Software] offered a lot of compelling value.”


Our Process

Building From Scratch

The first step to build an MVP is to understand and focus efforts, mostly to understand which features are more critical to the user and which ones can generate value quicker. Here we use our experience with former MVPs and align with the client's business expertise to finalize the roadmap.

In this case, the main feature was a text editor where the users could write their post-mortem message. Great writing experience was of utmost importance. Allowing users to customize their messages the way they wanted, so whatever text written and uploaded images would be auto-saved was one of the user's favorite features.

To know if the user has passed away and to send the message, we had to work with an API with poor documentation and with no possibility to be used in sandbox mode. After this burdensome process, we were able to develop a complete and robust system around the API integration using cutting edge tools (the Newest version of Django at the time, Bootstrap 4, Webpack).

During the extent of the project, daily meetings were held where layouts for every sprint were given to us. Because we are always trying to use cutting edge tools, we tend to learn a lot on each software project. This one marks explicitly the beginning of what came to be our boilerplate that we keep using and updating up to this day.

Based on
New York, NY
US Nationwide
Product cycle
6 months
Technologies & Integrations
Django, Bootstrap

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