The challenge

To help moms to feel better about themselves and with their children. It's a place where they can find help with exercises, chat with a team of qualified nutritionists and get precious feedback about lifestyle.

Our Process

Bringing MamaeFit to life

MamaeFit's Minimum Viable Product was entirely designed and built by Vinta. The MVP consisted of a web version where moms can upload photos of their meals and have one-on-one chats with nutritionists. The payment was implemented with a transparent checkout designed for improved sales. Attending to the client's needs, we used a Brazilian payment gateway called PagSeguro. The main advantage we were looking for was familiarity. We could use Paypal or Stripe, but PagSeguro was more trustworthy as a national service and more recognizable. We used Trello to organize and define together with the client the priority features for development, always considering the project's budget.

Technologies used in MamaeFit included HTML/CSS/JS with AngularJS for the web interface, Django for the backend, and Django REST Framework for the API.

Based on
Recife, BR
Brazil Nationwide
Product cycle
6 months
Technologies & Integrations
Django, Python, React, Bootstrap, Heroku

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