Our Software Process

A robust process is the only way to guarantee quality in all aspects of the products we are creating. Our battle-hardened and proven process values communication and autonomy to ensure our clients have all the KPIs they need to make the best business decisions.

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Vinta’s agile way

Software products need to evolve fast to attend business needs, but it's challenging to maintain iteration speed without sacrificing quality. With our extensive experience working with products from seed to series D, Vinta knows how to balance development speed and quality. Our team anticipates problems, manages risk, finds and discusses tradeoffs, validates features, simplifies requirements, and performs other consulting practices, both for MVP and established products.

“Their feedback and process for product development made a huge difference.”

Tesorio CTO

Discovery: understanding requirements

Discovery: understanding requirements

Understanding what to build and why to build is often more important than the development itself. Right decisions at this stage prevent clients from wasting product energy and money with features perceived as valueless to the end-users. Our process begins by understanding the user's needs. For that, we use techniques as:

  • User research;
  • Product discovery;
  • Product roadmapping.

Prototyping: creating the user experience

Prototyping: creating the user experience

For a product to excel in today’s standards it needs to deliver nothing but best user experience. Understanding the steps the user goes through and collecting both quantitative and qualitative feedback is how we deliver a superior experience. For that we use the following techniques:

  • Low and high fidelity prototypes;
  • User testing;
  • User journey mapping.

Production: top-notch development

Production: top-notch development

We specialize in Django and React as our development tools, having developed web applications with them for almost a decade. This expertise enables us to create maintainable, efficient, and round-up software. For that we use the following techniques:

  • Pull Request reviews;
  • Automated and manual testing;
  • Continuous integration and deployment.

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