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About Our Playbook

Hello, my name is Felipe Farias. I'm the founder and CEO at Vinta, and this is our playbook.

For over a decade, Vinta has stood as a steadfast partner in the journey to create succeeding digital products across different industries. Our core expertise is crafting and scaling software solutions for rapidly growing businesses.

This playbook is a testimonial to our journey, principles, and the values that drive us forward. It's a chronicle of our experiences in the ever-evolving world of software development.

Vinta was founded in May 2013 when Flávio Juvenal, Filipe Ximenes, and I, three young developers from Recife, Brazil, came together around a shared vision. It was not just about writing code; we believed that exceptional software engineering meant combining technical skills with a deep understanding of the vision and needs of business founders to help their products thrive.

To achieve our mission, we prioritized the significance of our people. We created a workplace where every team member experienced respect, attentive listening, and acknowledgment. This approach has played a pivotal role in our company's growth, enabling us to attract and nurture exceptionally talented individuals.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond client projects. We have a strong tradition of actively contributing to the open-source community. Over the years, we have established ourselves as seasoned speakers at prominent events like PyCon and DjangoCon, making substantial contributions to the global Python community. With more than a decade of experience, we have shared our knowledge through over 30 presentations at international conferences, authored over 80 articles on a wide range of subjects, and maintained an extensive portfolio of 160+ open-source repositories.

This playbook is a living testament to our journey, reflecting where we've been and where we're headed. It’s but an invitation to learn and grow with us. While we've shared our plays that have worked for us, we encourage you to use these insights to shape your own path, adapting our experiences to your own journey. Together, let's continue building a brighter future through software.

vinta's ceo felipe farias

  Felipe Farias

Vision, Mission, and Values


Our vision is to establish ourselves as an industry leader in software development, renowned for our practical approach and tangible impact. We aim to maintain our reputation as one of the leading software consultancies in LATAM, where we consistently support CTOs and MVP entrepreneurs in creating and sustaining web applications. This vision is deeply rooted in our commitment to open-source principles. At Vinta, we are structured to promote these values, emphasizing transparency in our business practices and active contributions to well-known projects, thereby giving back to the community.

We envision a future where an increasing number of clients will join this network, influenced by our philosophy and our vision of how software should be developed.


For over a decade, we have shared a common goal: to position Vinta as a software development company that places a strong emphasis on our clients' products, excelling in the art of coding. Vinta's dedication lies in consistently finding a harmonious equilibrium between stakeholders' objectives and the inherent constraints and technical challenges of its projects. Our daily operations not only reflect but also wholeheartedly embrace this adaptive philosophy.

We elevate our consultancy by maintaining highly skilled teams, fostering adaptability, and applying our technical expertise to deliver client-centric solutions. Our dedication also involves reducing managerial responsibilities for our clients through proactive methods and instilling a consultant mindset in all our team members. From day one, everyone who joins Vinta is encouraged to ask the right questions and remain curious about everything. Understanding the "whys" is essential for developing the right solutions.



Adaptability is a fundamental value at Vinta. We are unwavering in our commitment to promptly address evolving project requirements and client needs, consistently seeking to offer optimal solutions. Our wholehearted dedication to adaptability allows us to pivot and adjust our strategies, enabling us to meet changing objectives and overcome unexpected challenges. Ultimately, adaptability stands as the primary factor in guaranteeing client satisfaction and forging long-lasting, enduring partnerships.

Deep Tech Know-How

While it may sound like an obvious concept, possessing a profound understanding of how software functions and recognizing its vulnerabilities and limitations has been the defining factor that distinguishes Vinta as a top-tier development consultancy, setting us apart in the market. We deliberately eschew the use of every available technology stack; instead, we intentionally specialize in a specific niche. Our exclusive focus on Python, Django, and React for over a decade has undeniably been a crucial element in our ability to provide solutions for complex challenges.

Our expertise empowers us to foresee and address issues early on, resulting in time savings, reduced risk, and higher project success rates. We are committed to delivering robust and scalable solutions, drawing on our extensive technical knowledge.

Lower Workload

One of the early lessons we learned is that having a deep understanding of your client's needs is just as important as possessing extensive technical knowledge. While clients often approach a software house seeking a specific solution, what they genuinely require is a partnership with individuals who can, in various ways, lighten their workload and enhance their capacity to process and make more informed decisions.

We excel in tackling various technical challenges, offering valuable assistance to our clients. By proactively identifying their pain points, we reduce their long-term burden, minimizing the management workload generally required to maintain software. This approach helps to comprehend and prioritize core challenges, enabling them to focus on improving the product and achieving their business objectives.

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