Vinta Talks: making the most of Django with Celery

Beatriz Betta
July 10, 2024

If you attend events like DjangoCon US and PyGotham, chances are you've heard of Vinta. We're always looking for opportunities to share knowledge and promote workshops that are of utmost value to Django developers. This March, in partnership with the community Django Boston, we brought Hugo Bessa, Principal Developer at Vinta, to talk about Celery and how it can get the best performance out of Django.

Even after 11 years on the road, being close to the tech community is imperative in our culture. It's our way of being grateful for the advances and exchanges we've had along the way and this talk is a clear reflection of that. Hugo Bessa is a Django buff who delivers exceptional projects on time. And to do so, he has learned all the best practices of this smart combo with Celery.

This workshop took place online and you can watch it for free here, at the end of this blogpost.

Celery: a must-have relationship for Django developers

If you're a Django heavy-user, you already understand how it can be a great development path. Installing the framework alone gives you many possibilities, but as you work with it, you'll find extensions that will support your work. And that's where Celery comes in.

Celery has a long-term love story with Django even though they're completely independent tools. They've already surpassed many of the challenges of young couples, so most things work out of the box with low effort, but they're not a simple and shallow couple. Cerely's async nature adds tons of nuances to the game, frequently bringing new challenges (that you should prepare for).

In this talk, you will dive deep into the mechanics of async operations, uncover best practices for task management, and explore how to effectively scale your web applications using Celery.