Vinta at 2023

Rob Novelino
October 5, 2023

Finally, Pygotham is back! We were distraught after the cancellation of last year's edition. We also are excited about the work the organization has been doing this year and excited to share experiences with people.

Unlike other conferences, in the advent of the COVID pandemic, Pygotham took a bold stroke and revamped itself as a fully remote conference, with 2020 being the first year of the remodeled PygothamTV. Their rebranding as a TV channel was also fun and added a new dimension to the conference experience.

Another incredible step they took was to make the conference free for everyone in this remote format! However, you still need to register so they can select talks based on the public's preferences. You can check all previous talks on YouTube and get in on the news about next year's dates on their X profile.

This year, the conference will run for two days. They will stream all talks online, and participants can communicate with each other and with speakers through Discord. The talks will be aired once in the afternoon, with a re-airing later each night.

As we did in previous years, we are proud sponsors of this year's edition! Making a conference online is no easy feat, and the organizers deserve much respect for pulling it through. We'll also have two talks this year. 

  • One of our partners, Flávio Juvenal, will be giving a talk about how DRY can be a double-edged sword, also showcasing the lib we created to deal with the issues;
  • And Hugo Bessa, another partner of ours, will share his experiences on knowledge management for engineering teams!

Our talks at the event

Why large Django projects need a data (prefetching) layer

Speaker: Flavio Juvenal

About the talk:

Django REST Framework focus on Don't Repeat Yourself is helpful for code simplicity and compatibility with built-in solutions for permissions, pagination, filters, and others. However, DRF's default architecture isn't enough to ensure code maintainability after projects grow in complexity. Often, any change requires navigating through much nesting to provide all necessary ORM calls and avoid severe performance slowdowns. In this talk, you'll learn how to use a custom data prefetch layer to prevent those issues by gathering together code that changes together.

If this topic interests you, check our preview here for a taste of what Flávio will discuss in his talk.

Don't rely on memory: knowledge management for eng teams

Speaker: Hugo Bessa

About the talk:

This talk delves into the crucial topic of knowledge management for engineering teams. We will explore the inherent limitations of relying solely on individual memory and uncover effective strategies to overcome them.

During the session, we will highlight the risks associated with memory-based knowledge retention, such as information loss due to turnover or scaling challenges. By emphasizing the importance of capturing and organizing knowledge, we will showcase how knowledge management systems can foster collaboration, boost productivity, and facilitate informed decision-making.

Hugo will share practical examples and valuable insights to guide participants in implementing successful knowledge management practices. Topics covered include:

  • Identifying how to organize knowledge.
  • Selecting suitable knowledge management tools.
  • Establishing effective documentation processes.
  • Fitting sync knowledge sharing into a routine.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of methodologies like wikis, code repositories, internal documentation platforms, and best practices for their adoption.