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Django & Celery:

A Love Story of Async Proportions

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Elevate Your Web Development Skills With Celery

Secure your access to essential resources from our recent talk. Dive deep into the mechanics of async operations, uncover best practices for task management, and explore how to effectively scale your web applications.

Meet the Speaker:
Hugo Bessa

Hugo, our esteemed speaker, is a seasoned Tech Lead at Vinta. Known for his experts talks at DjangoCon US and PyGotham, he excels in demystifying the complexities of asynchronous task management and web application scaling.

A Decade Scaling
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Vinta Software has worked alongside startups and established businesses, focusing on creating customized software solutions that address specific challenges. Vinta's approach emphasizes quality and practical technology use, earning them recognition as a reliable partner in the digital product space.

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