Expert Team

Our hand-picked, accomplished experts team gathers the best software developers, product designers, and business specialists who are ideal for bringing your ideas to fruition.

  • Bruno Souza

  • Carlo Custodio

  • Ellias Silva

  • Gabriel Henrique

  • Jademir de Moura

  • Leonardo Sarmanho

  • Maria Welter

  • Mariana Gonçalves

  • Monick Vasconcelos

  • Rai Siqueira

  • Rodrigo Vieira

  • Sarah Lyra

  • Felipe Farias

Here’s our toolbox

We’re Python folks at heart, but over the years our team has worked with a broad range of technologies. Rest assured that we always pick the best tool for the job.

What makes us strong

What guides our steps and unites our team are shared values. Here are the concepts we believe and that brought us here.

Never stop learning

The best way of doing our work is always changing. We expect everyone to keep running towards it.

Impact with every line of code

Within huge companies you are responsible for very small parts of code. We expect everyone to enjoy the thrill of having whole features under your gaze.


We believe in sharing everything we learn and do. We expect everyone to be open to opportunities of sharing processes, code, research, ideas, and more.

Work-life balance

We don’t believe in superheroes who do everything alone. We expect everyone to be clear about what can be done and collaborate to find better solutions.

Open positions

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We stand for minorities

The IT market is traditionally white, male and elitist. It's wrong that the power and the tools to design the future are concentrated on the hands of a privileged few.

At Vinta, we're proud to offer career opportunities to groups that have been systematically hindered by sexism, racism and prejudice, in the hopes of building a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

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