Why Vinta Chose to Open its Hiring Project

Rob Novelino
December 18, 2018
<p>Being in a hiring process is never an easy feat. Every candidate undergoes some stressful situations. It’s never easy to be in a scenario with the feeling that everything you say and do is being evaluated.</p><p>No matter the scenario, in this moment, having the candidate nervous hardly helps. The candidate won’t be able to show what you want to see and then your level of false negatives (giving-up on people that were actually good hires) skyrockets if that’s the norm, not the exception.</p><p>To avoid that, we’ve created an alternative. A different way for you to apply for our hiring process. We realize interviews are a key stress point for some people even though it’s a light chat about common topics of interest for others. If you are one of those and want to apply to Vinta, you now can give your first step diving straight into the code! While it's impossible to get hired without an actual interview so we can talk, this makes the process more friendly to some people.</p><p>You can read <a href="https://github.com/vintasoftware/playbook/blob/master/speeding_up_your_way_to_vinta.md">here</a> all the specification, but remember: <strong>This should be a choice, it’s about how you prefer to engage with us</strong>. Every hiring process is a commitment, and we are committing to include different profiles of people at Vinta.</p>