PyCon US 2017: the biggest Python Event in the World

Flávio Juvenal
July 13, 2017
<p><a href="">Pycon 2017</a> happened in Oregon, Portland! If you wanted to discuss anything about Python, that was the place to be. It was the biggest Python event of the world, it lasted from May 17th to May 25th. I got to see talks from some important names on it, like <a href="">Lisa Guo</a> and <a href="">Katy Huff</a>, both of them are using Python to make great things! Lisa is using on Instagram and Katy is doing some heavy science stuff. One awesome thing about the event was it's size, the cheer number of people there made it an outstanding opportunity to learn new things and sit and talk to exciting people. But we had to make sure to talk to them the first time we met, cause the odds of chance helping twice in the event were thin.</p><figure class="kg-card kg-image-card"><img src="" class="kg-image" alt="Alt text"></figure><figure class="kg-card kg-image-card"><img src="" class="kg-image" alt="Alt text"></figure><h2 id="vinta-at-pycon-2017">Vinta at PyCon 2017</h2><p>I'm very proud to have approved and presented a talk at PyCon! It was my first time at the event and the whole experience was amazing. From the feedbacks I got from more experienced people, to giving the talk and all the way trough all the amazing meetings me and my partner at Vinta had with people who were attending the event. Absolutely the event wasn't only the greatest in size, but also in the relevance of people who attended and wanted to make connectiosn there.</p><figure class="kg-card kg-image-card"><img src="" class="kg-image" alt="Alt text"></figure><p>I went on to give this talk about <a href="">How to Make a Good Library API</a>. The talk was about how It's not easy to write libraries with great APIs. However, it's not always clear how we can follow abstract ideals like elegance, simplicity, and extensibility to improve our APIs. That's why this talk discussed good and bad APIs with real-world examples. For each thing learned, we came up with a checklist to help Everyone with practical advice for writing good APIs. You can also check the talk in full <a href="">here</a>.</p><h2 id="what-comes-next">What comes next?</h2><p>We are now headed for <a href="">DjangoCon 2017</a> in Spokane, Washington! I approved yet another talk, and one of my partners, <a href="">Filipe Ximenes</a>, will be there as well, after a small round trip to Australia for the PyconAU and DjangoConAU. Feel free to reach out to us and arrange a coffee or a beer to talk about open source communities, software development or how to grow startups trough metrics!</p>