Vinta at PythonBrasil 2021

Rob Novelino
October 8, 2021

Python Brasil is back! As avid participants, we are excited about this year's remote edition of PyBR. Even though we give talks and interact with Python and Django communities worldwide, the feeling of interacting with the largest Python event in our home country is unique.

Our founders have participated in the event even before Vinta's conception over ten years ago. They even organized PyBR's tenth edition back in 2014! This edition will be unique for being the first to fully happen remotely. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it's still unsafe for many people to travel and gather.

If you have never been to a PyBR, we strongly recommend you check their profiles here and here. This way, you can check talks from past editions and stay in on the news about where the conference will happen next year!

This year, the conference will run for seven days. It will consist of talks and tutorials without the traditional sprints. This year, one of our developers was honored to be a Keynote at the event. As you must know, the event’s organizers handpick keynotes to talk about their journey or some important topic they have mastery over. Gabriela Cavalcante was invited this year. Stay tuned for her talk on October 14th, 8:20 PM GMT-3. André Carneiro, another developer of ours, also had his talk approved. He will talk about how to supercharge your django-admin with widgets. His will happen on October 11th, 4:40 PM GMT-3. If those times don't work for you, no worries; a recording will be available on Python Brasil's YouTube channel.

Our talks at the event

Keynote - Gabriela Cavalcante

Speaker: Gabriela Cavalcante 

Talk recording: Link to talk (in Portuguese)

About the talk:

Gabriela will share some of her inspiring journey with attendees. No spoilers ;)

Don't rely on memory: knowledge management for eng teams

Speaker: André Carneiro

Talk recording: Link to talk (in Portuguese)

About the talk:

Django admin can make magic. It takes declarative code and generates a lot of working code to run your software. Looking under the hood, it works with widgets: the class behind the logic of your form fields. Widgets manage how Django will render the fields, how it will save their data, and how they change when inserted with wrong data, among other aspects of their behavior. This talk will dive deeply into widgets, how powerful you become when you understand how they work, and the common pitfalls around their usage.